An Introduction to Aromatic-Kinesiology

by Ron & Sue Windred on August 8, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world of essential oils or been drawn to energatic and emotional healing…well this might be just the thing for you…

An Introduction to Aromatic-Kinesiology

Hi, my name is Catherine Christoforatos and I am an Aromatic-Kinesiologist. I actually started life in medical research, but that is a whole other story

I love essential oils – they can be used therapeutically for every aspect of health and I spend a lot of my time teaching people exactly how to do this. I also mentor people to recreate my business success – I have created a life of helping others to heal themselves and I know there are plenty of people out there who would love to do the same! With all this I have to admit, it was only when I came across kinesiology I got REALLY excited. Kinesiology is a way to ask the body what is stored (emotionally) through muscle-testing. Now why did this get me excited? Well let me explain…

The Problem with Problems

Women talk about their problems – a lot! Men don’t talk, they bury and “move on”. But where do the problems go? The problem with problems is they don’t just go away whether we talk and talk or say nothing at all. Our conscious brain can sift and sort and make logical conclusions. It can make judgements, decisions and choices. But our conscious brain is only 10% of what is going on in our head. Our subconscious is the other 90%. Our subconscious has no filter. None. Every little thing that happens is stored. Every little thing we have FELT…stored. Every thought and experience. STORED. WITHIN. US. 

This is the problem with problems.  

The Second ProblemThere is a fantastic book by Gregg Braddon called The Divine Matrix. To summarise briefly, Gregg discusses some scientific experiments showing that DNA can change the behaviour of photons (light energy) and that emotion can change the shape of DNA. What does this mean? We all know the idea of inheriting the genetics or DNA profile of our parents. But what if our DNA is storing more than just our eye colour? What if our DNA has an imprint of all of the EMOTIONS our parents and grandparents felt as well! More problems! 


So what can we do about problems that we don’t know are there and weren’t even ours to begin with?! 

You’ll be happy to know there is an answer. 




Kinesiology is powerful – to ask questions of the body and find the trapped emotions and beliefs we have created or inherited AND THEN CLEAR THEM – that is where the real power lies. Aromatic kinesiology is a combination of kinesiology, essential oils and traditional Chinese acupressure points. We ask the body what is the perfect aroma (essential oil) and what pressure point to apply it in order to release an issue, block or stored emotion. This technique is simple, gentle and the results will blow your mind. Why is this soooo good? Here is why…


The Power of Smell

Smell is under-rated as a sense. The chemicals you inhale as an aroma or fragrance go directly to the emotional centre of the brain – to the amygdala. That means a simple smell has a lot of potential to effect changes in the emotional chemistry in our brain and from there our body.

Dr Candice Pert has a great book called The Molecules of Emotion where she talks about how emotion causes chemicals to be released – these chemicals travel throughout our bloodstream and can create biochemical changes anywhere in our body. 

Our emotions are powerful agents of change in our WHOLE ENTIRE BODY.

AND we can change them with a simple smell! Amazing. 

Skin Balance

As I mentioned before – essential oils are known to have therapeutic benefits in the body, but these go above and beyond the physical. They are powerful, fast-acting initiators of emotional change, energetic change, chemical change. To give you a personal example from my own training: 


The last day of my training in A-K was a Skin Balance. I honestly went into this part of the course thinking “I may as well go home now, not much wrong with my skin really…” I forgot how deep and powerful Aromatic-Kinesiology could be!

I had to choose something to do a ‘balance’ on and I do get occasional hormonal breakouts near my chin so I decided to go with this..not feeling it was anything significant or important, but needing to choose.

We discussed the issue – I said at my age it felt …immature to be getting break-outs, like I wasn’t really owning my “adult-ness”. I felt there was a disconnect with who I am and who I felt I was being… (bear with me, it’s what came into my head at the time…)


We then tested the linked emotion and I got the word “yucky”

This connected for me – to feel adolescent in my adult body did feel “yucky” …adolescence just felt yucky and immature (at my age)…

I had to find the opposite as it related to me and this was challenging, but I felt it was somehow in the realm of being fully realised into my adult self. “Integrated” perhaps?

We muscle-tested the most relevant oil: Patchouli. In Robbi’s book The Blossoming Heart, Patchouli was an oil to assist in moving from feeling Fragmented to Peaceful. I saw the word Fragmented and I got teary – BINGO. I’ve been doing this kind of release work for a few years now, I knew we had hit on the core issue. And how perfect for me, collecting all of my fragmented self and feeling fully realised as the adult woman I now am – INTEGRATED. Furthermore, how perfectly does this relate back to my acne (acne is often considered anger pushing out from the body) to be givenPeaceful Patchouli.

We used smell, some acupressure points and an affirmation process. I can’t even describe the Peace I felt coming out of this process. Indescribable. The process was so gentle and so very, very powerful.

I used that Patchouli in a cream for the subsequent 3 weeks and I can honestly tell you I haven’t had an issue with acne or breakout ever since! 

We really do underestimate the impact smell has on how we feel, process and emote. Do yourself a favour and take time to smell the roses...for real!

If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils or Aromatic-Kinesiology, please come visit me and connect:

Joyful healing to you.


© Written by Ron and Sue Windred

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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