Crystal Healing – Weight loss suggestions using crystals

by Ron & Sue Windred on June 11, 2013

Sharon recently wrote, asking, “Can you suggest any crystals that will aid in weight loss and assisting with committing to and sticking to a nutritional way of life?”

Weight loss suggestions using crystals

Weight loss can be encouraged and supported by Unakite, Seraphinite, Green Tourmaline and Prehnite.

Weight control may be sustained with the use of Angelite and Apatite.kyanite

If a person is chronically overweight Kyanite would be suggested.

The method would be to choose any one or maybe two of these stones and to then carry or wear them most of the time until success is achieved. And in this regard to be patient; it took a long time to get overweight (it rarely happens in a short time and never in a day or two). Crystals work, but they need time to do their job.

Rose Quartz would be a great stone to assist with commitment and would introduce the self love component that is also essential to success, along with a Clear Quartz to amplify the intention and provide some stickability.

Rose Quartz

An elixir made of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Prehnite and Unakite, or placing these stones in a water bottle and drinking daily will add an extra element of support.

It really does help if you believe that you will be successful in this endeavour. One important tip though, DO NOT think or talk in terms of weight loss, rather in terms of achieving your optimum weight. This can be stated, “I want to weigh xx kilos” rather than “I want to lose xx kilos”. And be realistic with this goal and have it in a healthy weight range.

It is important that the crystals are cleansed regularly and charged (magnetised) for the project. Cleansing may be achieved by washing them under running water for a minute or two. To charge them, hold them in the palm of your hand, whilst earnestly saying over them something like, “I hereby dedicate you to the task of helping me achieve the weight of xx and require that you work with me until this achieved”.  It really does help if you have an absolute attitude of gratitude towards the crystals and the results you will achieve.

Idocrase, Moonstone, Pietersite, Sardonyx, and Turquoise provide support for maintaining nutritional balance and lifestyle. Try as much as possible to eat natural, organic foods and avoid as best you can processed, manufactured and convenience foods.


This process can be assisted if you could also do a Chakra balance at least weekly. Lay down quietly with an appropriate stone on each chakra for about 15 minutes. Any stone of a colour matching each individual chakra will be ok, but it is best to choose your favourite stone in each colour selection. We also have Chakra packs for the job.

Best results are achieved if this is also accompanied with quality mineral supplementation. We would recommend liquid colloidal minerals. These are available at our website, or at any good health food shop. In fact I strongly recommend this support – Minerals are the raw ingredients that provide the unique qualities and energy flow to crystals and life.


© Written by Ron and Sue Windred

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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