Crystal Healing – Big or Small?

by Ron & Sue Windred on December 10, 2013

Big vs. Small

Do I need big or small crystals?

A customer had been informed he needed large crystals and large amounts if they where to be effective and get the job done. Like everything it all depends upon the area to be covered and the amount of background noise or pollution that the crystal(s) has got to work around.

Crystals work in many ways; however the key method is by frequency or vibration, or basically putting its energy out into the local environment. This is similar to listening to sound; what you are hearing or feeling is a wave. This wave is of the same modulation whether it is loud or soft. It effects its environment by bringing it into sympathetic resonance.  Now whether it’s loud or soft its wave frequency or vibration remains the same.27. Quartz Point  

Volume just amplifies the sound, the prime vibration or wave remains the same. By way of example, locally you only need soft volume and you can hear, but if you want to cover a larger area and be heard you will need more volume.

This example is fundamentally correct, if not exactly precise. So generally speaking, big does not necessarily give more; just louder. But larger will be necessary if you want to effect a greater area, or have more impact.  

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