Choosing your crystal.

by Ron & Sue Windred on September 20, 2011

The most important thing is to keep it simple and easy. This is best done by following your instinct or gut feeling and staying away from complicated and confusing systems.

Choosing a crystal is a very personal and satisfying experience. When faced with an array of stones, often one stands out from the others; it has a special appeal and seems just right. This is the crystal for you to choose!

Don’t be afraid to handle crystals as you are making your choice. By just concentrating on the crystal in your hand you will become aware of its power. Your best choice will be the one that gives the strongest and most positive vibes.

Your best choice is usually the one that first caught your attention and that feels just right, regardless of its physical appearance. Follow your intuition; if it feels right for you, then it will be.

You can also take advantage of the internet and books to assist in making your choice. If you are choosing a crystal for its healing properties, reference is an ideal starting point. Having found a selection of stones for your purpose you can return to your intuition for your final selection.

Another effective way to choose is by scanning; here you use your hand to pass over the crystals, and when you feel feedback, as a hit or sensation in your palm, you know this is the right selection.

Or you can use a pendulum to assist you in making your choice.

© Written by Ron and Sue Windred

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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