Crystals for Dehydration – Water & Crystals are Allies

by Ron & Sue Windred on December 10, 2018

Crystals for Dehydration – Water and Crystals are Great Allies.

Dehydration comes about when your body has insufficient water to function properly. Mild dehydration may be uncomfortable, but more severe dehydration can lead to potentially fatal complications.

Undoubtedly, severe dehydration needs to be treated promptly, but even mild dehydration can adversely affect your mood and energy. This is why it’s important to catch it early and fend it off.

The obvious solution is to make sure you remain properly hydrated by drinking enough water. This water can be further enhanced to do this job by turning it into an infusion or crystal water.

A simple way to do this is to add the appropriate crystals for dehydration directly into your water bottles, pitchers, and dispensers. In this way you may enjoy the positive vibrations of these stones.

Water as a living crystal or entity.

A new school of thought that is currently taking hold is that water itself is a living entity with crystal like properties. Among the prime properties is its ability to store energy and information and acting in many ways like Clear Quartz.

Over 80% of the earth is covered in water, so it is probably fair to say that water is the Earth’s most prevalent crystal. It was responsible for giving birth to life aeons ago and through its vibratory influences, continues to do so today. [click to continue…]


Crystals for EMF Protection — Protect Yourself

by Ron & Sue Windred on November 13, 2018

Crystals for EMF Protection and why you might need them.

Crystals for EMF Protection — Protect Yourself from EMFs.

EMF’s or electromagnetic fields are becoming more pervasive as we pursue our modern electronic lifestyles. It seems we need to be doing more to protect ourselves from EMF and using crystals for EMF protection is an excellent way to do this.

Ron and Sue (obviously not us) sought us out needing some help. After meeting with them, it became obvious they were suffering from electricity sensitivity and would need to do something to protect themselves. They were edgy, listless, spaced out and finding it hard to concentrate. Basically they were feeling very ungrounded. (This can be a problem in itself and totally unrelated to EMF sensitivity).

A few months earlier they had moved into their new home and that’s when their malaise began. Their old country home phone was still connected to the old landline system and their use of the internet connected via Ethernet cabling. [click to continue…]


Anger Healing Crystals…Healing Kit

October 14, 2018

Anger Healing Crystals Anger, is one of those emotions we could do without. What most people don’t want to hear is that it is a trained response. While recognised as one of our normal emotions, giving in to it should not be acceptable. Fortunately, we have some anger healing crystals that may help us stay […]

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Crystals for Jock Itch – If not a cure, at least some relief

September 19, 2018

Crystals for Jock Itch – If not a permanent cure at least some relief!! Jock Itch is annoying, scratchy and sometimes embarrassing, especially when you are unconsciously scratching away at your groin in public. Just the name is cringe worthy. Fortunately there are some Crystals for Jock Itch that can help to minimise things. Better […]

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Why are different crystals recommended?

September 17, 2018

Why are different crystals recommended? Tony from the UK asks why are different crystals recommended by different writers. Ron and Sue, i have looked at your list of crystals for help with diabetes, and what i want to know why is there so much conflicting information on what crystals to use for any specific problem, […]

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Anti-Aging Crystals – Crystals Can Help With Aging.

August 14, 2018

Anti-Aging Crystals – Crystals Can Help With Aging. Hey Ron and Sue, I’m nearly 70 now and I was wondering if there is a crystal that can stop me aging? Even though I’m getting older and I know I can’t really stop this, but it really would be good if I could slow things down […]

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Which is the best crystal for me? How to choose a crystal

August 13, 2018

Which is the best crystal for me? Or how do I choose the best crystal for me? The best crystal for you is the one that speaks, or appeals to you. A crystal does not have to be rare or expensive to be the most effective. Don’t be taken-in by price, or by big, bright […]

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What are the primary benefits of crystals?

July 17, 2018

What are the primary benefits of crystals? Crystals are decorative, potent and engaging. They also have magical powers and various properties. They are able to generate, regulate, store, transmit and transform energy. A Quartz crystal can power a watch or a radio and crystal lasers are being used in surgery. By putting out ‘good vibes’ […]

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Healing Crystals for Weight Gain

July 16, 2018

Healing Crystals for Weight Gain Lizzy wants to know how she can gain some weight. She is a self-described “skinny” person, who is seriously trying to put on some weight. The vast majority of inquiries we get are for ways to avoid weight gain. Most people want to lose some weight, not put it on. […]

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What sort of crystal are you?

June 10, 2018

What sort of crystal are you? Well, seriously now, if I were to ask you, what sort of crystal are you, what would your answer be? This can be quite an interesting exercise that can reveal all sorts of personality insights. What led me to asking this question stems from a review I was making […]

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