Stay Cool. 20 Crystals To Help You Stay Cool.

by Ron & Sue Windred on February 9, 2017

Stay Cool with Crystals

20 Crystals To Help You Stay Cool and Beat The Heat    

When the temperature goes up and the heat starts to take its toll it’s nice to know there are crystals that can help you stay cool and beat the heat.

This is my list of the top twenty crystals to help you stay cool, calm and collected in the summer heat.

Blue and green stones are most readily associated with cooling and calming energies.

The two best crystals to help you stay cool are:

Blue Lace Agate – has a soft, cooling and calming energy that also brings peace of mind.

Lapis Lazuli – is cool and calming and also known for bringing serenity and deep peace. It quickly releases stress and restores balance.


Other crystals to help you stay cool are:

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Ways To Stay Cool Using Crystals:

by Ron & Sue Windred on February 7, 2017

Seven Ways To Stay Cool Using Crystals:        

These seven ways to stay cool using crystals should help to make hot weather more bearable and allow you to keep your cool.

  1. First up there is the obvious—wear or carry a crystal or two from the list in our article ’20 Crystals To Help You Stay Cool and Beat The Heat.’
  2. One of the better ways to stay cool is to make an elixir. This is easily done by selecting a stone(s), then washing it under running water and then placing it into a glass container of water. Apophyllite and Selenite or any soft crystals are best not placed directly into the water. An easy solution is to place them up against the outside of the container. Then sit the container out in the sunlight for a few hours.

Now that you have your elixir or gem water, place it in the refrigerator until cool. Sip it throughout the day. Make plenty so that you may be sure not to run out.

ways to stay cool

  1. One of my favourite ways to stay cool is to get a tea towel and soak it in gem water and then place it in the freezer. Leave it long enough so that it is really cold but still flexible. You don’t want it frozen stiff. Fold it so it is about as wide as the height of your forehead. Find a nice comfortable spot to lay back and relax and put it on your forehead. Alternatively place it over the back of your neck. Allow yourself to simply relax and soak in the cool energy from your crystal water.

If you want to give this a boost, place a crystal under the towel. I have also found that a dash of black vinegar added to the soak water adds a magical property that I have no explanation for, especially if I’m exhausted or experiencing a headache.

  1. Another neat trick is to put your stones in the freezer and use them in drinks like you would ice cubes. Same warning – don’t do this with dissolvable stones like Selenite. We have done this with Calcite, but many would say not to.
  2. A sure way to beat the heat is by spritzing to keep cool. Pour some cooled elixir into a spray bottle and spritz or spray yourself throughout the day. Or you can put the stones inside the spray bottle, filled with cool water.
  3. Sit back and relax with your feet in a cool crystal foot bath. You can place stones directly in some cool water, or fill your bathing container with chilled elixir.
  4. Foot baths are excellent for bringing down body heat and enhancing energy in a quick, easy and relaxing way. Just soak your tired feet in cooled elixir.


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