Crystals at Christmas—Adding Vibrant Energies & Joy

by Ron & Sue Windred on December 12, 2017


As a kid I loved Christmas, it always has been a special time of year. I really enjoyed opening my presents with all the joy and surprise they brought. I guess I never really grew up, because I still have the same anticipation around Christmas that I had as a child.


As a grandparent it is wonderful to be able to share the excitement with the young. And of course there are the young at heart, all getting in and having a great time too. I loved the family gatherings of my youth and the special preparations the extended family went to. And today it’s no different. Well, except that we who are from that generation are all a whole lot older.

It has been said that this is a time for the young ones, well I have to agree. It’s their boundless energy, enthusiasm and expectation that invigorate this time of year. It also spills over to energise and spread joy to all of us in their presence. The young and the young at heart really do make Christmas all it is.

Crystals can have a role to play too.

CRYSTALS—Adding Vibrant Energies, Joy and Flamboyance at Christmas

Christmas for me has to include crystals. Their vibrant energies truly do lend to the occasion and they are uplifting and wonderful to have around at this time. They really do intensify the energies and spirit of the festive season with their sparkle and beauty.

Crystals add that something special when given as presents. Crystals make great stocking fillers, especially for children. It’s a rare child who doesn’t like crystals. We often give crystals to family and friends, especially those who like something different. It is no longer a surprise to hear that the healing properties of the particular gifted crystal were just what they needed at the time. [click to continue…]


Crystals for Lyme Disease and other Immune Disorders

by Ron & Sue Windred on December 12, 2017

Crystals for Lyme Disease

Anything that compromises your immune system should be considered serious to say the least and a challenge for healthy living. For those who may not be aware what Lime disease is, it is an infection caused by bacteria known as Borrelia. This bacterium is transmitted by tick bite. Typical symptoms include fatigue, fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, along with a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. Lyme disease can impact numerous bodily systems and organs and may even mimic other illnesses. As well as giving people Lyme disease, the ticks often transmit other diseases called co-infections.

Boosting the immune system in general will be a great help and for this you may like to refer to our article ‘Strengthening the Immune System with Crystals’.

Thymus Thumping is a good starting point.

The thymus gland lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone or sternum in the middle of the chest. Thymus comes from the Greek ‘thymos’ which means “life energy.”

Its key role is in keeping your life energy vibrating at the right frequency. When it is in harmony it increases your strength and vitality.

Thymus thumping is a simple but very effective energy technique. It involves thumping on the Thymus in the centre of your chest. This can help bring up your life energy and activate your immune system. [click to continue…]

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