What sort of crystal are you?

by Ron & Sue Windred on June 10, 2018

What sort of crystal are you?

Well, seriously now, if I were to ask you, what sort of crystal are you, what would your answer be?

This can be quite an interesting exercise that can reveal all sorts of personality insights. What led me to asking this question stems from a review I was making of a training course I had completed many years ago. And I have found peoples answers to the original question fascinating. It was “what sort of machine do you see yourself as?”

Your answer would determine if you were more left brain or more right brain orientated – more logical and intellect based or more creative and intuitively based. One of those answering saw himself as a tractor for example. Another as a computer. Yet another as the USS Starship Enterprise. One lady said she was a sewing machine. Each had very valid reasons for their selection, which further expanded into an understanding of them.

So, this led me to put the question to a number of people as I came across them at our regular market stall. I asked, “If you had to choose a crystal that best described who you are, what crystal would you choose?”

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Crystals for Restless Legs Syndrome

by Ron & Sue Windred on June 5, 2018

Crystals for Restless Legs Syndrome

Jon wants to know what he can do for his restless legs. More often than not he gets disturbed by uncontrollable twitches when he is trying to relax and often he is afflicted with twitching legs at night when he should be sleeping.

Simply put, restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes a strong urge to move your legs. There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that generally improves with moving them. These feelings commonly occur when at rest and therefore can also make it hard to sleep.

Sue and I have both experienced restless legs syndrome, more so in the past than presently. We haven’t experienced it for some years now, ever since we supplemented our diet with a daily dose of Fulhealth colloidal minerals and an extra dose of Fulhealth magnesium colloid.


As Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission and muscle contraction, it plays an important role in helping to settle jumpy legs. It also assists with energy production, nutrient metabolism, bone and cell formation and blood coagulation.

Apart from the benefit of magnesium in relieving restless legs syndrome, it has an overall affect in helping to – calm nerves and anxiety – relieve muscle aches and spasms – regulate calcium, potassium and sodium levels – treat insomnia and help you fall asleep. And of course it is an essential for heart health. It also activates over 300 enzyme reactions within the body. [click to continue…]


Psoriasis Relief with Crystals

May 14, 2018

Psoriasis Relief with Crystals Dave got in touch asking for some help. He has severe psoriasis and says it can be quite painful at times. After seeing a dermatologist for years he feels he is not getting anywhere. He has used many different ointments, creams and salves and is now wondering if we could recommend […]

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Travel Crystals – Increasing your horizons with Crystals.

May 7, 2018

Travel Crystals – Increasing your horizons with Crystals. Our modern times have certainly made travel and seeing the world a whole lot easier, safer and affordable. Taking some travel crystals along with us can confidently add to our experience. They can help provide a sense of safety and protection whilst soothing out travel stress and […]

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Healing Power of Crystals – How they help us.

April 10, 2018

Healing Power of Crystals – How they help us. Since ancient times, civilizations have used the healing power of crystals to release mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages. This same healing power of crystals can assist with deep-seated issues, passing on good health and greater happiness. Crystals help you connect to the Earth’s healing energy […]

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A Crystals and Kids Story—Billy The Kid

March 27, 2018

Billy The Kid—A Crystals and Kids Story The thing I love about these kid’s stories is the way in which they so innocently reveal truths about ourselves. Billy The Kid—A Crystals and Kids Story conveys yet another dimension for us to study. Billy has been a customer for some time now. It was about the […]

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Autumn Equinox Crystals

March 20, 2018

Autumn Equinox Crystals One of our nephews rang the other day to ask if we could recommend some suitable autumn equinox crystals for him. He has surprised us a few times recently, with questions about crystals and other metaphysical matters. On this occasion he will be attending an autumn equinox ceremony and he had been […]

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Weight Loss Crystals – Natural Healthy Weight Loss

March 7, 2018

Weight Loss Crystals – Natural Healthy Weight Loss A few generations back weight loss crystals weren’t even thought about. In fact weight and weight loss weren’t even spoken about much, let alone weight loss crystals. People were much more active, just in order to get through their day, which helped to keep their weight down. […]

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Another Crystals and Kids — Madison

March 5, 2018

Madison—Another Crystals and Kids Story Seven year old Madison knows her stuff . . . Thanks To Her Clear Quartz Crystal. Madison is one of our young customers and could have been featured in our previous article ‘Crystals and Kids’. However here she gets her own: Madison—Another Crystals and Kids Story. Over the years we […]

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6 Quick Tips for an Energy Charge-up

February 12, 2018

6 Quick Tips for an Energy Charge-up. These tips are very effective for a quick energy boost when you are feeling low and down on energy. I’ve found them effective when I have been tired and in need of an energy charge-up.  In fact these little exercises have often allowed me to keep my edge […]

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