Healing Power of Crystals – How they help us.

by Ron & Sue Windred on April 10, 2018

Healing Power of Crystals How they help us.

Since ancient times, civilizations have used the healing power of crystals to release mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages. This same healing power of crystals can assist with deep-seated issues, passing on good health and greater happiness. Crystals help you connect to the Earth’s healing energy when they are held, or placed on or near your body. This leaves you feeling relaxed and balanced. Crystals have unique properties and energies to help heal different aspects of your life. They may also provide protection and shielding against negative energies and unwanted circumstances.

Crystal healing is considered by many as an alternative therapeutic technique in which crystals act as conduits for healing. They allow positive healing energy to flow into the body and move negative disease causing energy out.

healing power of crystals

A common belief among crystal healers is that the healing power of crystals works more with the core emotional, mental, and spiritual discord that is causing illness in the body, rather than the physical illness itself. They may also help you feel more mindful and resilient. [click to continue…]


A Crystals and Kids Story—Billy The Kid

by Ron & Sue Windred on March 27, 2018

Billy The KidA Crystals and Kids Story

The thing I love about these kid’s stories is the way in which they so innocently reveal truths about ourselves. Billy The Kid—A Crystals and Kids Story conveys yet another dimension for us to study.

Billy has been a customer for some time now. It was about the third or fourth time I met him that I nicknamed him Billy the Kid. His namesake, Billy the Kid, aka William Bonney was a notorious 19th century American outlaw. Outlaw is what Billy lives up to most of the time.

I first came across Billie when I was visiting another stall holder at our regular Fernvale markets. You’ll find us there most Sundays until noon selling Crystals and Incense and such. This poor stall holder was copping a blast from young Billie. It was the first time any of us had seen him at the markets. This twelve year old can swear like a trooper and has a nasty temper to help him vent. Unfortunately his parents are no help, as they watch on, apparently unable or unwilling to do anything to stop him. When on the rare occasion they try to intercede, he defies or plain ignores any direction or suggestion they put to him. [click to continue…]


Autumn Equinox Crystals

March 20, 2018

Autumn Equinox Crystals One of our nephews rang the other day to ask if we could recommend some suitable autumn equinox crystals for him. He has surprised us a few times recently, with questions about crystals and other metaphysical matters. On this occasion he will be attending an autumn equinox ceremony and he had been […]

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Weight Loss Crystals – Natural Healthy Weight Loss

March 7, 2018

Weight Loss Crystals – Natural Healthy Weight Loss A few generations back weight loss crystals weren’t even thought about. In fact weight and weight loss weren’t even spoken about much, let alone weight loss crystals. People were much more active, just in order to get through their day, which helped to keep their weight down. […]

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Another Crystals and Kids — Madison

March 5, 2018

Madison—Another Crystals and Kids Story Seven year old Madison knows her stuff . . . Thanks To Her Clear Quartz Crystal. Madison is one of our young customers and could have been featured in our previous article ‘Crystals and Kids’. However here she gets her own: Madison—Another Crystals and Kids Story. Over the years we […]

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6 Quick Tips for an Energy Charge-up

February 12, 2018

6 Quick Tips for an Energy Charge-up. These tips are very effective for a quick energy boost when you are feeling low and down on energy. I’ve found them effective when I have been tired and in need of an energy charge-up.  In fact these little exercises have often allowed me to keep my edge […]

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Tips for using Jade in 2018 – aligning your energy

February 10, 2018

Tips for using Jade in 2018 These tips for using Jade in 2018 should prove useful in making the most of this year. In this Universal 11/2 Year or 2018 we face the prospect of getting caught up in our busyness and experiencing the edginess it brings, or moving into resonance with a slower, more […]

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2018 — Crystal Energy can help you flourish in 2018

February 9, 2018

2018 — Crystal Energy can help you stay balanced and do well in 2018 At the beginning of last year we wrote about it being a numerological 1 year and told how Obsidian could help make it a great year for you. Well, this year is a master number 11 year and it brings its own […]

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Crystals at Christmas—Adding Vibrant Energies & Joy

December 12, 2017

CRYSTALS AT CHRISTMAS As a kid I loved Christmas, it always has been a special time of year. I really enjoyed opening my presents with all the joy and surprise they brought. I guess I never really grew up, because I still have the same anticipation around Christmas that I had as a child. As […]

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Crystals for Lyme Disease and other Immune Disorders

December 12, 2017

Crystals for Lyme Disease Anything that compromises your immune system should be considered serious to say the least and a challenge for healthy living. For those who may not be aware what Lime disease is, it is an infection caused by bacteria known as Borrelia. This bacterium is transmitted by tick bite. Typical symptoms include […]

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